About the Product

Anja Dance shoes are unique. Why?

Each of the shoe designs has been chosen specifically by the owners after researching what is available around Australia. Some of the shoes styles have never been seen in Australia before.

The shoes style and colours have been chosen to complement all fashions for the Social Dancer as well the Professional and Amateur Dancer.

The shoes are leather-lined, suede soled and well-padded. Many customers of Anja Dance have commented on the comfort of the dance shoes and continually return to buy more.

Anja Dance shoes for Ladies come with an easy-clip buckle system. This allows the size and length of the strap to be set once, so that you are on the dance floor in minimal time without having to fiddle around with other buckles and laces. For the gentlemen, all the shoes are lace-ups.

Anja Dance believes in being kind to the environment.

For this reason, your shoes come with a shoe bag for protection.

This allows the shoes to be able to breathe between dance lessons and makes it easy to grab your shoes when your racing out the door.

No cardboard box to dispose of in the recycling bin!