Buying Guide

This buying guide is designed to assist you in choosing the appropriate pair of dancing shoes for the style of dance you are doing (or wanting to learn).
Being new to dancing, you may be confused by the incredibly large range of dance shoes on the market.  Anja Dance is here to help you make that all-important decision of buying the perfect shoe to suit your needs.
Dance shoes are available for all the major dance styles: Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Tango, Rock and Roll and Square Dancing for both Men and Women.


You may ask - Do I need Professional Dance Shoes?

Good Question!
Dance shoes are designed to support dancer’s feet and bodies. They absorb the shock and allow your feet to move and flex in the optimal style for your dance.  They also protect the dance floor and keep you from sliding and skidding, which can result in injuries to feet, ankles, and knees. Some places where you go to dance will request that you have a pair of Professional Dance Shoes before you can step onto the dance floor.

What’s the difference between a normal shoe and a Professional Dance Shoe?

Professional Dance Shoes have suede soles not rubber, leather or plastic soles. These types of shoes are only to be worn inside venues as the suede sole will be ruined if worn while walking/dancing on non-wooden surfaces. The suede sole will also absorb any moisture causing damage to the shoe or will collect foreign objects which will scratch a wooden floor, damage the sole and may cause you to lose traction while dancing. This in turn may lead to injuries to your feet, ankles and knees.

How do I choose a Dance Shoe?

Dance Shoes need to be firm and snug in fit. All dance shoes, after many dance lessons will stretch. The fit is not meant to be painful when trying on nor should your foot be ‘cupped’ under the sole when in the shoe. If this is the case then go for a larger size or wider width. For this reason, it is very important to try on shoes. If purchasing online, Anja Dance has a 30-day free return policy for full-priced items and 7 day for SALE Items (refer Returns for further information).
Ladies, if you are choosing a strappy shoe for Latin or Salsa dancing, then your big toe should be at the tip of the shoe, if not slightly, over the edge. Ballroom shoes are closed in and therefore, the shoe should be snug so as not to fall off, especially if the shoe has no strap.  There are ‘jelly straps’ that can be purchased to wear with Ballroom Court-style shoes that do not have a strap.
For the Men, the Ballroom and Latin Dance Shoes should also be a snug fit with your big toe being very close to the end of the shoe.  As most men’s dance shoes are made from leather, these can stretch up to 1cm after approx 10 hours of dancing. 
Too much space will increase the risk of rubbing creating blisters and be very uncomfortable.
In the end, you know your feet and what feel’s comfortable. Trust your gut instinct.

How do I measure my foot?

Using the Shoe Guide, measure your foot as per the instructions and then choose the corresponding size to suit.  Also take note of the description of the shoe that you are looking at buying as there will be notations on whether the shoes are of a narrower or wider fit.
If you have a wide foot, then you may need to choose a shoe size up to accommodate.
The heel height may change the way the shoe fits. The higher the heel, the wider the shoe may need to be at the ball of your foot.

What sizes of Dance Shoes does Anja Dance carry?

Ladies shoes are available in sizes EU35 (US 5) to EU 43 (US 11).
Men’s shoes will be available in sizes EU38.5 (US 6) to EU 46.5 (US 12).
For the Ladies range, the shoes are available in a Narrow, Regular or Wide width and for the Gentlemen there is a choice of Regular or Wide.
For wide fits, the general rule is the length of the shoe is the same but width is equal to the next size up.

 Please contact Anja Dance on 0466 364 400 to discuss your requirements.

 As we are closing down, once the shoe size, heel height and colour combination has been sold, it will not be ordered back in.

What heel height suits best?

Anja Dance shoes come in heel heights of 1.5”, 1.95” Cuban style 2.5”, 2.55” 2.75” & 3” for the ladies and 1” and 1.6” style for the men.
The heels are Modern style or Cuban style depending on the type of shoe. For example, a 1.5” ladies shoe heel is a Modern style where a 1.95” shoe heel is a Cuban style. For the men, a 1” heel is a Modern style for Ballroom whereas the 1.6” heel is a Cuban style for Latin.
Choose your heel height to what you think is more comfortable for you.
Ladies, if this is your first pair of dance shoes, and you are used to wearing heels, then we recommend a heel height of 2.5” otherwise a 1.5” will be more suitable.  
Your dance instructor will also be able to advise you on the appropriate shoe required or alternatively ring us on 0466 364 400 and chat to one of the friendly staff who can assist you.
Alternatively, buy the pair of shoes that fit you and you like the most and see how you go.

Anja Dance shoes have been designed for the Social Dancer as well as the Professional and Amateur Dancer. You can take these shoes to your local shoemaker and have a ‘street sole’ put on them and then you know you are wearing a comfortable, fashionable and gorgeous pair of shoes to match your outfit to go partying, dinner, clubbing and dancing in superior comfort. Please note: the shoes are not returnable if they have been altered by having a solid sole applied.
By buying Dance Shoes from Anja Dance, whether online, from the Showroom or one of our mobile displays, you are supporting an Australian owned business as Anja Dance is based in Adelaide, South Australia.
You are guaranteed security of payment online via Shopify Payments Gateway or PayPal.
If you are unhappy with the shoes from fit to comfort, then please contact Anja Dance to arrange for the shoes to be returned for refund or replacement. A refund or replacement will only happen once the shoes have been inspected upon return. They must be unworn, not changed in anyway e.g. solid sole applied and in all the original packaging. This refund period is for 30 days from you receiving your shoes if purchased on-line and 7 days if tried on and purchased from the Showroom or at a mobile display or are SALE items.
Anja Dance shoes come with a 3 month warranty on manufacture. This does not include normal wear and tear, customization or customer damage.
Anja Dance’s motto is:
 ‘You always dance better with a pair of Anja Dance Shoes helping you glide across the floor with ease’.